Best wedding photos of 2015

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Best wedding photos of 2015


As we approach years end and prepare to welcome in a new year, I think its a good a time as any for me to look back over the year just gone.

2015 has been quite year for me and my business, shooting lots of amazing weddings throughout North Devon and a bit beyond. It was also my busiest yet and I hope to continue that upward trend in 2016.

As per usual, I've met some lovely lovely couples along the way in 2015 who've made my 'job' such a pleasurable and rewarding one. Looking back over the wedding photos I shot this year and choosing which ones to include in this kind of 'Best of' blog post was a difficult task I can tell you. It was hard to leave out some special photos, but I didn't want there to be too many to view as you may get bored reading if I just added everything I felt worthy of inclusion.

My wedding photography style is very much shooting in a photojournalistic or documentary way and all the moments you see here are very real and not at all staged or set up in any way. However, I did include a few bride and groom portraits for good measure.

So here they are in no particular order....

had a few reservations about taking Catherine and James to the beach for their photos at Combe Martin, as having been there a couple of times, it just didn't inspire me like some local beaches do. But it was the closest beach to their chosen venue, Sandy Cove, so I decided to just go for it. I'm glad we did as when we arrived, the tide was way out and the sun was going down over the hill to our left, allowing me to capture this sun soaked shot of a newly wed couple very much in love.


North Devon wedding There were countless photos I could have chosen for this blog post just from Beccy and Martin's wedding alone! They met whilst working on a cruise ship as part of the ship's entertainment crew. Martin was a technician and Beccy was a compere, so they called in a few favours and got some of their fellow entertainers to perform a cabaret in the evening at their wedding at Ocean Kave. To be honest I don't know why Martin is dressed in a tutu and Beccy is holding a giant pair of scissors over his crotch but it goes some way to describing just what their wedding day was like and I mean that in a good way!


One of the things I look to shoot as the bride is making her entrance into the ceremony is the emotion on display in the room, especially from the groom and the brides family, as it is obviously a very emotional moment. Here, groom Jamie has just been told to stand by the registrar as his bride Jemma is about to make her entrance whilst his best man gives him a look of encouragement. I know from experience how Jamie feels by the way!


Bride and groom confetti line Ah the confetti line. Not always an easy shot to get for a wedding photographer for various reasons. Guests sometimes get in the way as I'm shooting whilst blindly walking backwards, there is often too much or not enough confetti in the shot and sometimes the facial expressions of the couple can look strange especially if they are closing their eyes or something, but here I love the expression of sheer joy on bride Fay's face as she walks the line. The blue sky and fluffy clouds are a bonus too!


Bride and Groom on beach at sunsetBride and Groom on beach Bride and Groom on beach at sunsetBride and Groom on beach I've included two beach shots as I just love them both and couldn't decide which one to leave out! We are certainly blessed with many fine beaches in North Devon and if a beach is within driving distance of a wedding venue, I always suggest we have the bride and groom photos on the closest beach. It would be silly not to wouldn't it?



There is that old saying that 'every picture tells a story' which is something I hope I sometimes achieve with my wedding photos and this one definitely does that. Louise and Charlotte have just tied the knot and had their first kiss whilst Louise's mum and dad show their absolute delight. I love these priceless moments as it was something Louise clearly didn't get to see as she had her back to them.


One thing I look for at weddings is making sure I capture natural photos of the people important to the couple, like parents, siblings etc. Here is the mother of the groom sharing a moment with her new daughter-in-law. She was quite a character.


This shot is from the same wedding as the one above and shows groom Chris strutting his stuff on the dance floor. What makes this photo work for me, is the looks of laughter on everyones faces. I thought he was quite a good dancer myself!


A shot of the bride getting her dress laced or buttoned up is pure wedding photography 101, but here I made sure I included two of bride Laura's younger bridesmaids watching on intently. I love the expression of the girl on the right, maybe imagining what it'll be like when she gets to put on her wedding dress many years from now.


I often find when a bride and groom have their first proper 'look' at each other, after the bride has made her way down the aisle, it can be a mixed bag photography wise. This may be due to the nerves and emotion of actually getting married for real, or knowing that snatching a brief look at your wife/husband-to-be might just set you off in a flood of tears, I don't know. But here I struck wedding photography gold with Nicola's look of excitement/love/happiness. Thank you Nicola!


Kids just being kids at weddings. Thats my feet at the bottom of the photo. No I'm not that tall, I just held the camera up as high as I could above my head and hoped for the best!


Wedding flash mobWedding dance

This is bride Jess and all her Hen party, performing a well rehearsed flash mob dance routine just after her first dance with groom Matt. I knew what was coming so just positioned myself to capture the finale.


First dance at Ocean Kave And here is a photo of the aforementioned first dance of Jess and Matt at Ocean Kave. I can't quite put my finger on why I love this first dance photo so much, but I just do.....


​Bridal prep photo again, this time taken at the wonderful Bovey Castle in Dartmoor, where bride Lynsey was getting her make up done. I wanted a photo of this young bridesmaid watching Lynsey, but she kept on staring at the annoying man with the camera! So I waited and made sure I framed her nicely. It's not often I take many photos of people actually looking into the camera as I'm always looking for 'natural' moments to capture, but I think the photo works anyway.


Some wedding photographers finish their wedding coverage straight after the bride and grooms first dance. I always make sure I stay at least an hour or so after, otherwise I'd miss great photos ops. This is the grooms mother doing her best Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction dance moves (she really was a great dancer by the way) against a reflection in some plexiglass.


Sights like these are becoming commonplace at weddings these days. I've really noticed the selfie shots a lot this year and to me thats no bad thing as I love taking shots of people taking shots of themselves!


Okay okay, I may have cheated a bit here. This isn't technically a wedding photo. The couple, Laura and Andy decided to have their pre wedding photos on the beach at Westward Ho! prior to their wedding at Hallsannery a few weeks later. The reason I included this photo, apart from the lovely shot of Laura and Andy, is the surfer casually strolling to the sea. I deliberately included him in the shot when I could have quite easily 'photoshopped' him out, because I think it typifies North Devon quite well.


If you're still reading this far, well done and thank for taking the time to do so! To finish, I have included three frames of this lovely funny moment. This is something you see a lot of at weddings, a group of guests having shots. The last frame makes this set work as I just love the looks on their faces as it clearly didn't go down well for three of them.


If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your wedding in photos like these, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.



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