A little bit about me.....

Hello! I'm Marc, a North Devon documentary wedding photographer. Thats me in the photo. I much prefer being on that side of the camera!

I was born and raised in Central London, moving to North Devon 10 years ago.

I love my wife and two kids.

I love photography, obviously!

I love travelling. Favourite countries I've visited are Canada, USA and Japan.

I used to be a drummer in a wedding band, after my attempt at heavy rock stardom sadly passed me by. Oh well!

I once played a gig at the famous Marquee club in London when I was 21 and thought Wembley Arena beckoned. It didn't.

I have watched every single Robert De Niro film at least twice.

My Dad's cousin is the lead singer of the Irish folk band The Dubliners.

I love ice cream, especially Haagaen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate.

Although I love classic/progressive rock music, my guilty pleasure is Abba, no laughing at the back!

I am a huge fan of Disney.

I can't dance. The first dance at my wedding was the most embarrassing thing I have ever had to do in my life!

I love weddings, cliched maybe, but it's the truth.