Choosing a wedding photographer

Planning a wedding can be a bit daunting for some people as there is just so much to think about. This page is designed as a starting point for the wedding photography side of things, seeing that I know a little bit about the subject!

Below are links to various blog posts or articles I've written containing helpful hints and tips when it comes to the photography part of your wedding day.


10 Things to ask a wedding photographer before you book

Even if you are not considering booking me, I suggest you read this article I published last year on key things to ask a photographer before you book them. There are many good photographers out there, but unfortunately there are some that don't have the skill set to take good photos in all types of lighting conditions. Don't regret your decision to skimp on hiring a good photographer.....Read more 






Getting memorable photos on your wedding day 

If you have never worked with a professional photographer before, and lets face it, most of us haven't, you may benefit from reading this article I wrote about what to expect and how to achieve great photos on your wedding day....Read more 








Wedding Photography Styles - Which one is best for you?

Have you thought about which type of wedding photography style you would like at your wedding? I've found that there are some people who don't really give it much thought and assume that all photographers and their styles are the same. You couldn't be further from the truth! It's important that you find the right photographer that will produce photos that will make you look back on your day with a smile, and not wonder what could have been....Read more






What is documentary wedding photography?

Most wedding photographers these days say on their website they shoot weddings in a documentary style, myself included. But what does it really mean.....Read more