My approach to wedding photography


My aim is to approach every wedding by photographing in a documentary style, sometimes known as reportage or photojournalism photography. For me, this style of photography means being a story teller of the wedding day through the pictures I take, whilst shooting in a discreet, instinctive and sincere way. Its about having a storyteller's instinct and being in the right place at the right time, anticipating when special moments may unfold. As a result the couple are presented with an honest, authentic document of their wedding day, not just a series of posed or staged photos.

Below are some examples that best represent my interpretation of this style of wedding photography, but firstly, why not just sit back for a few minutes and view a slideshow of some of my favourite moments I've captured at weddings. Expand to full screen for best viewing experience.



I find there is definately something special when I look at a true documentary/reportage wedding photo. Its more than just a pretty image, it should have a sense of narrative and context to it, an emotional feeling, either by touch, eye contact or a persons' expression. It makes you wonder what the story is behind the photo, it may be obvious or it might leave you guessing, either way, it has that kind of power to engage you and really draw you into the image.

Here are a few of my personal favourite photos with a little bit of backstory to them. Although they don't tell the story of an entire wedding day, as they are photos from many different weddings, each tells a story none the less. I hope it gives you an insight into how I capture a wedding day through my eyes. If you want to see images from complete weddings start to finish, have a look at my blog.

Bridal Prep The bride to be (with the book), Kate, had just received a surprise present during the bridal preparations, a photo book from one of her bridesmaids featuring snaps of Kate from childhood to present. Whilst Kate was flicking through the pages I think she stumbled on a photo she'd rather forget!

Bride looking into the mirror Bridal preparations again, this time the slightly nervous bride to be, Gemma has just got into her dress and gazes at herself in the mirror. What is she thinking, only she knows? Thats the brides sister in the reflection offering her some moral support.

Dad seeing bride daughter in her dress for the first time. As I mentioned above, its about being in the right place at the right time, anticipating moments before they happen. The father of the bride was anxiously waiting downstairs, whilst his daughter, Faye, was getting into her dress upstairs.  Knowing she would be coming down at any moment I positioned myself at the bottom of the stairs to catch this special moment between a father and daughter. I love the look on both their faces. I can only imagine how proud I will feel when I see my daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, a long way into the future perhaps, but I have a pretty good idea from this image!

A rather straightforward, but special moment none the less. I bet she had been dreaming of being a bridesmaid for months leading up to her auntie's wedding. Her first peek in the mirror after having hair and make up is priceless and says it all. 

bride arriving at church This is one of those moments that the groom will be grateful he saw in a photo, as obviously, he is sitting waiting in the church for his bride and didn't see it. I love the expression of excitement on bride, Coral's face as she pulls up at the church. Timing is key for a photo like this. I always ask the driver of the wedding car in advance, if they could ensure they wind the window down as the bride arrives, enabling me to capture her arrival.

Dad getting emotional at wedding Another father and daughter moment. Here we have bride Lisa instinctively giving her father a gentle knowing touch after he had given her away at the altar. Her father is struggling to contain his emotions while his concerned looking wife and granddaughter look on. A truly beautiful moment.

Groom looking nervous Its not always about the bride, as this image shows. The congregation had just stood awaiting the arrival of the bride. Pensive looking groom Chris nervously awaits. All the time throughout the day, I'm anticipating certain moments like these will unfold. Sometimes you get rewarded, other times you don't, but if you are not ready in the right place to capture it you miss priceless expressions like these.

Bride and groom meet at the alter

The couple meeting at the altar is one of the highlights of any wedding day. The bride Susan, looks relieved, excited and ready to burst with happiness. It's a shame I couldn't be in two places at once, to see the groom's response too!

Both of these ceremony images above show the same thing, proud parents. During the ceremony I am constantly looking around at the congregation, especially parents of the happy couple. My main focus is of course on the bride and groom, but its photos like these that the couple will cherish when they view their wedding photos, seeing as they were otherwise engaged in the moment, concentrating on their vows and actually getting married!

The speeches. One of my favourite and most opportune parts of the day to capture a great image. Here the groom, Tom is being absolutely torn to pieces during his best man's speech, all he can do is put his head in his hands while everyone looks at him.

The speeches are not just about fun and laughter. Here, bride Amy is welling up during her newly wedded husband's speech.

I love the eye contact between the bride, Kate and her father after he finished his father of the bride speech. I think her look says it all.

This is the same best man who was tearing the groom apart (few photos above) hugging groom, Tom. Clearly all is forgiven! 

A private moment shared between bride, Hannah, and her sister late into the evening. I could see a special bond between the sisters from the moment I arrived at Hannah's bridal preparations that morning and kept a close eye on the pair throughout the day, hoping to capture a moment such as this.

The first dance is always an eventful part of the day, but Liz and Richard decided to spice things up even further and surprise their guests with a well rehearsed dance routine. I have about half a dozen great shots of their dance, but I prefer this one as it shows the scene from a wide angle, not only showing the happy couple lost in their dance routine, but the guests enjoying it as much as Liz and Richard.


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